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NHSMUN the Largest Model United Nations Conference in the World for Young Leaders from Georgia

AMIRC Association Mtsodneli – Innovation Research Center official representative in Georgia of IMUNA Welcomes Delegates from Georgia to NHSMUN 2017!

New York City March 8-15 2017.

Known for its prestigious attendees and high-quality debate, NHSMUN is proud to be the largest Model United Nations conference in the world, with over 5,000 attendees from more than 50 different countries. For nearly half a century, NHSMUN has simulated international diplomacy as our staff guides students in their pursuit of solutions to some of the most controversial crises that threaten the political and economic stability of today’s globalized society. The National High School Model United Nations (NHSMUN) is the world's largest Model UN conference, with hundreds of schools and thousands of delegates attending from around the world. NHSMUN is known for its diverse, prestigious attendees, its world-class staff, and its engaging committee simulations of proven substantive quality.

** Unforgettable Experiences - Conclude your 8 days of Leadership skills and problem solving by speaking at the world-renowned podium of the United Nations General Assembly Hall, excursions and sighting in New York, NY. USA

**Build a Network -Become a part of the powerful network of the best and the brightest in the 21st-century Model United Nations community.

**AMIRC/PMLT will assist you with your preparation, registration, and travel plans, as well as provide students with valuable research tools.

** Delegates will get Certificates.

Scheduled Activates:

ü Round-table discussions;

ü Practical activities;

ü Expert and delegate presentations;

ü Visit United Nation Headquarter in NY, USA

ü New York City tour – VISIT Empire State Building, Time Square, central Park, Statue of Liberty

Who is Eligible to Apply?

The participants must:

[if !supportLists]ü [endif]Demonstrate a strong interest participating the event, have motivation and leadership.

[if !supportLists]ü [endif]Be 13-19 years old.

[if !supportLists]ü [endif]English language is a must. more detail



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