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Our Goal is to support business development and improve staff performance, coaching and consulting to empower the firms.

The courses provide a strong  foundation and a multitude of practical examples, helping participants develop different skills.

By partnering with different International and local organizations, Universities, PMP Professionals, Experienced Speakers and Coaches in the delivery of these programs.


We are here to fill the gap in terms of knowledge and expertise to achieve more collaborative and creative approach company need.



Megi Kurdadze, is President and Founder of Powerful Management, Leadership & Technology Center in USA since 2016.


In addition, she has been the President of the Association Mtsodneli - Innovation Research Center in Georgia since 2007.


She graduated Public Administration and LAW, also obtained a certificate in Urban Management in Tbilisi Georgia.

In addition, she studied European Academy of Diplomacy in Poland, and Academy of Global Governance in Italy. Graduated Columbia Business School in NY.

 Areas of expertise include:

  • Leadership Development

  • Soft Skills

  • Project Management

  • Public Speaking

  • Organizational Management

  • PR Public Relations

  • NGO Sector Development 

  • Career Development. 

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