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Empower Executive Women – Leadership Development Program is Intensive course designed for Executive Women, by initially focusing on personal development and self-awareness; encourage addressing the challenges involved in developing unique leadership profile.


Participants will focus on moving organization forward through times of change and will develop a Personal Leadership Plan (PLP) to address a critical challenge within organizational context.

Effective leadership is essential to both personal and organizational success. Strong Leaders Drive, Inspire and Motivate teams to willingly produce their best work and turn propel an organization forward.

Empower Executive Women – Leadership Development Program is designed to fuel self-reflection, collaboration and case studies.

The result focused program uses a highly effective and proven coaching style to help you identify what’s most important to you as a leader.

Be empowered to develop an action plan to become a stronger Leader which will have a positive impact on your business.

This Leadership Development Program provides an important value to expand awareness in Executive skills gained in 2 days.

What you will learn:

Module 1 - Executive Leadership: A fast and focused guide

Module 2 – Critical Thinking Skills for Business Owners and Executives

Module 3 – Connecting with Purpose: From Networking to the Negotiation Table

Module 4 – Use your Voice to impact and influence others

Module 5 - Occupational Burnout: A Nutritional and Lifestyle Approach.

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Headline Coaches

Jayne Latz

Corporate Speech

Liza Panarello

Networking and Negotiation

Andrew Donofrio

Critical Thinking

Megi Kurdadze

Leadership Skills

Alexandra D'Elia

Occupational Burnout


109 W 39th Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY, 10018
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Become a Sponsor

As a valued Sponsor/Partner of the Empower Executive Women - The leadership Development Program there are multiple opportunities for you to promote your company’s brand, products and services throughout the participants. The program attendees will consist of decision-makers, industry thought leaders and other interested individuals in observing and learning more about your organization. We invite you to come and share what sets you apart in the construction, real estate and design industry with an influential, diverse and growing audience

This time-tested action learning approach immerses you in the multifaceted role of chief decision-maker. Focused on accelerating individuals and team growth, professional coaches will help you identify your leadership strength and professional assessment.

The return on your investment is priceless Empower Executive Women - Leadership Development Program.

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