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Project Management

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Construction Project Management

Not-for-Profit Project Management

Project management is based on sequential steps. It has evolved to handle projects that clearly state a need, target date, and cost.

The steps may vary by individual organization and usually include:

  1. Initiation to gain an understanding of the scope of the project, identify stakeholders, and develop objectives.

  2. Planning and design to further define the objectives and break the work into manageable tasks. Time and cost estimates, sequence and scheduling, and resource assignment should take place during this step.

  3. Execution and construction occurs after the project plan has been approved by stakeholders or other decision makers.

  4. Monitoring and controlling systems take place throughout the course of development so changes can be made as needed. Milestones are highlighted and regular reports are issued to stakeholders.

  5. Completion includes evaluation of the project, a final report, and handoff to the customer and permanent support group.

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